The Biggest Mistake Stock Traders Make

I’ve made so many mistakes in my trading career that it’s hard to focus on one being the biggest. But since I cornered myself by writing the title of this article first, I guess I’ll have to figure it out.

Being Safe With Capital

As we look at the world economy today, and the way the market has been through several booms and busts in the past four years, people are clearly becoming more cautious with their money. People are becoming careful with where they invest their money, and companies need to be even more careful as to where they invest their money and from where they hope to get good returns. While being cautious is good, it is also important that people learn how to look at the market and analyse it before investing.

Option Order Entry Mistakes: Order Placement Errors You Must Avoid

Even experienced investors lose money – lots of it – by committing stock option order entry errors. Here is what you must do, and must not do, to avoid disasters related to major or subtle option order placement errors. These tips are especially critical for option credit spread and Iron Condor income-oriented investors.

Flash Crash In the Stock Market – Blame It On the AP and Twitter Being Hacked?

Well, after the flash crash on April 23, 2013 I was having an interesting conversation with a technical trading analyst friend of mine. The reason being, the stock market fell over 150 points in less than a minute due to a false story which had been put out by the Associated Press because someone hacked their twitter account. The story went something like this; “the White House was bombed, and the president was injured.”

Black Gold: How And Why To Invest In Oil

Though there is evidence that oil had been used for medicinal purposes since the early 1400’s, the first commercial well was not drilled until 1859 when oil was struck in North Pennsylvania, USA. The Drake Well at Titusville was able to produce around 20 barrels of oil a day, and kick started an industry that is now worth trillions of dollars.

How To Surrender In Your Stock Trading

Stock Trading Surrender? When you think of your stock trading, the first thing that pops in your head is probably not surrendering.

How To Bust A Trading Slump

Are you having trouble remembering the last time you had a winning trade? Are you ready to quit this gosh forsaken business already and do something less stressful like air traffic controller or lion tamer?

7 Things I’m Doing To Trade Better In 2013

It’s that time of year again. I always take the last few days of the year to debrief and reflect on my trading business, using what I’ve learned to gear up for next year’s market action.

A Totally Painless Way to Try Out a New Stock Trading System

Stock trading systems are a dime a dozen. You will come across hundreds of them in your career, and see all kinds of promises on performance, profitability and the like. Most of these will not work out as described, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are fraudulent.

My Selection of the Top 5 Cheapest Online Stock Brokers

During the next five minutes, you are going to learn about how to pick up a cheap online stock broker. Let us start with the basics.

Employee Stock Options Affect on the Dot Com Era

During the dot com era employee stock options came to the forefront as many start up technology companies leveraged it as a tool to attract, motivate and retain talented employees. The use of employee stock options lead to the explosion of technology start ups and was an asset to management of these start ups.

Don’t Be “Old Too Soon” or “Smart Too Late” – Common Investing Mistakes

There are a number of very common mistakes that almost all investors make at one time or another. By avoiding these common errors any investor will be way ahead of the game. Easy to read, easy to understand.

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