Stock Market Chart Analysis October 2021

Five Steps To Improve Your Opportunities With Online Stock Trading

Many people would like to pursue new opportunities of improving their financial standing which exist outside of the traditional working environment. When pursuing this opportunity for yourself, one of the greatest resources you could try to take advantage of is found with the possibilities of online stock trading. When looking to benefit from this unique investment possibility, it would be ideal to follow the following five steps, in order to improve your possibility of avoiding loss and attaining financial gain.

Characteristics of Effective Stockbrokers

Just like any profession, the stockbroker’s career becomes successful for those who possess the characteristics necessary for a winner. The industry of stockbrokers is very competitive and one should be extraordinary to reach the top. What characteristics should an aspiring stockbroker possess in order to be successful in this industry?

How to Easily Beat the Stock Market – Step 1: Follow the Trend

Trading in stock market is always puzzling. Here I want to share some basic techniques to help you beat the market and always keep yourself on the right side of your trades. For the first article of this serial, let’s focus on TREND.

Why Short Term Stock Trading May Not Be the Best Choice

So you have heard that short term stock trading is the key to financial success in the stock market. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Learn why many number of people who choose to involve themselves in short term trading may end up losing more than they win. In this article I explain the risks and dangers involved in short term stock trading. Read to find out why short term stock trading is risky; why it is just like gambling.

On Diversified Investment Dynamics – Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities

India is a diverse country and this diversity is witnessed in the Indian market too. You have a plethora of options for investment starting from stocks to mutual funds, commodities, and more.

International Stock Trading – How to Do It Successfully

With the advent of online trading, international stock trading has become accessible for even everyday people like you and me. If you are already involved in domestic trading, the transition to the global market should not be difficult. If you prepare yourself, you can learn to understand the differences between foreign and domestic markets. Read on to learn what you need to know.

Attention All Investors – Mind the Gap!

Let’s be in no doubt here: if Greece goes down, we all go down, with all the implications that has for asset prices everywhere, including bonds, stocks, commodities – and yes, even cash in the bank. After all, who’s going to bail out your bank if your government’s bankrupt?

Secret Benefit of a Major Stock Market Drop

No one likes to see the stock market drop, especially a major decline. But there is a benefit, a secret benefit, from a major drop in the markets. If you look at a decline in the markets as “the glass is half full” the opportunities and benefits can be enormous.

The Beaten Down US Dollar Is A Buy!

U.S. and global stock markets are in corrections, producing losses for investors, and they do not look like their declines have ended yet. Investors who flocked into commodity trading over the past year are now having their heads handed to them with the sudden collapse in commodity prices. Where are investors to turn for profits? Here’s why I suggest the U.S. dollar.

America’s Secret Elixir

What happens to the American Miracle when America can no longer take on more debt? America is the most powerful county this Earth has ever known. Not even the Ming Dynasty came close to the power and influence that modern day America has. So how did this happen? Are Americans smarter, taller, faster or better looking than the rest of the world? Maybe Americans just work harder or longer than anyone else on this planet, maybe that’s it. Or maybe Americans are just better at educating their kids…maybe that’s it? Well, I went looking to figure out if there was one thing, one thing that set America and Americans apart from the rest of the planet. And guess what? I found it. I found the one thing that Americans have over every other country. They didn’t always have this “one thing”. But once America acquired it, they exploited it. And I mean America exploited it, like Sarah Palin exploited her Vice President nomination in 2008. So what is this “one thing”?

Best Stock Investment Strategies

The best stock investment strategies for the stock market are based on proven principles that have outperformed the market and helped investors achieve above average returns and become rich as a result. These strategies are based on value, competitive advantages, growth, innovation, and price action but, sadly, few traders are familiar with these concepts and end up poorer and frustrated at the pitiful returns they achieve in the stock market. This, however, does not have to be you if you read the contents of this article and become familiar with proven systems and methods that have built fortunes around the world and how you can put these strategies to use in reaching your own financial goals.

How to Triple Your Investments Using Online Trading Software

This is software which carries out every aspect of the analytical process in your stead so that you can find high probability trading opportunities ahead of the curve and invest accordingly. The best online trading software are uncannily effective, and a select few of them exclusively target penny stocks which are known for their unpredictable volatility.

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