Bull Market Flashback to 1982

The Dow soared from 770 in August 1982 to 11,750 in January 2000. An amazing bull market run. And when you compare 1982 with today, you’ll find some incredible similarities.

Small Dogs Have a Bigger Bite

The Dogs of the Dow is a simple investing approach that has outperformed its namesake for the past seven years. But there’s a tweak to this strategy that can improve your results dramatically.

The January Effect: A Resolution Worth Keeping

It’s time again to make market predictions. But, like New Year’s resolutions, few predictions pan out. So let’s take it month to month, starting with the January effect.

The Force Driving the Next Bull Market

Millennials spend money like every other generation. One of the biggest purchases they can make – one that will drive a new bull market- is to buy a home.

The Biggest Boom to Hit the Dow

There is a secret force that will cause an economic boom in the U.S. It will drive the Dow Jones Industrial Average to record levels in a spectacular bull market.

The Fed’s Debt Problem

The latest rate hike may appear to bring traditional yield assets back into the mainstream. But the Fed has a debt problem, so don’t get your hopes up.

Choosing the Right Stock Broker

When you are making stock investments to make profits for the future, you are using your hard-earned money. To help avoid investing in the wrong stocks and losing your money you need to find the right professional stockbroker. You need one that you feel comfortable with and trust. You also want them to guide you precisely on which stocks to invest in and can keep the economic scenario in mind. Finding the right stockbroker can be a hard task as there are many online and off line stockbrokers to choose from.

The Share Market – How Do You Choose The Best Shares To Buy?

Share market is very lucrative but then it means making all the right decisions especially when choosing what shares to buy. This is something that will need some research, analysis and time. When you are keen on keeping an eye on the economy and the market in general, you potential to grow wealth over time through shares is very promising.

Trading Stocks Trilogy-2: The Analysis

To conclude the article, the analysis part involves analysis of the self, analysis of the market through charts, analysis of the stock you would like to trade, and finally the analysis of whether it is, or not the right time to trade. Staying out-that is doing nothing, when conditions are adverse, is a virtue in the capital markets.

Trading Stocks Trilogy-1: The Psychology

The trading terminal is not a place where one plays out one’s personal problems, or emotions. There are too many attractions which trick your mind into doing things you should not be doing. Like Odysseus in the Greek mythology Odyssey, who had to fill his sailors’ ears with beeswax, and tie himself to the mast, so that he would not be enticed by the Sirens, who led many a sailor to the devastation of the rocky shores.

Are Rising Interest Rates Bad for Stocks?

Most believe that rising interest rates will be bad for stocks. But history shows the opposite is true, at least until rates rise too far.

Are REITs a Reliable Alternative to Investing in UK Property?

Could Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) be a realistic alternative to investing in UK property in an increasingly volatile market? UK REITs are relatively new, so what can they offer to an individual investor?

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