Stock Market Outlook and Opportunities Part 3 of 4 (Singapore REITS)

2011 Results Are In – How Did Your Financial Guy Do?

The results for 2011 are in and the stock market barely moved. Its very easy to see if the money you are paying your financial guy was worth it.

Option Trading Education – Back to the Basics

Option Trading Education is very important as trading options unlike many other securities is not that straight forward. Options are a form of derivatives. An option always has an underlying. An option is a right to buy/sell a financial instrument at a particular price on or before a particular date. The above definition is for an American Option.

Penny Stock Trading – Learning the Ropes

Penny stocks are a great way to supplement your income with some side cash. Be sure you research how to make the most money safely before beginning any investment strategy, though. Read on to learn exactly how to start learning the ropes of penny stock trading.

The Anatomy of a Trader, Part 5 of 5: Fancy Footwork

Throughout life, we often hear loved ones or motivational speakers tell us to “stay grounded,” and to “keep both feet on the ground.” And although it’s a bit cliche, it’s true with a lot of things in life. With investing, it rings especially true, for if you lean too long or too short or too hard on one stock or type of investment, you’re bound to find trouble.

Shares Investments: How to Weather a Chaotic Stock Market Storm

Plummeting share prices and widespread uncertainty prompt investors to make critical decisions for their stock investments. Factors such as the cause of the fall in share prices and performance indicators should be taken into account.

Just What the Heck Happened in 2011? A Look Back at the Financial Markets

We laughed, we cried, we felt arrogant, and ultimately we freaked out. What a year! And all this netted out to a precisely even annual close for the S&P 500. We started the year at 1257.64 and closed at 1257.60. So, just what the heck happened in 2011?

Trading Success: Winning While You Are Losing

Many novice traders are searching for that Holy Grail of trading success, which for them is finding the perfect indicator to achieve the perfect entry. Let me state emphatically that there is no such thing as the perfect indicator. Why do people believe that there is?

Share Repurchase Agreement and Stock Buy Back Explained

Actually, in theory, the answer is “no”. Why? Because we assume that when the company buys back these certificates, it pays out its own cash. So now, the overall company is worth less because it has less cash. So yes, each outstanding certificate may now own a bigger percentage of the company, but the company itself is now worth less than before. However, this assumes that the company buys back its own certificates based on the fair value of the company. (In real life, the company will probably buy these back at an amount closer to the market price, which rarely reflects the “fair” value.)

Losing Money in the Stock Market? Use These Insights to Find Out Why

Struggling to come up with a trading plan that makes you money? Are you losing money in the stock market (or Forex market)? Use these insights to get your trading plan on track.

The Sophisticated Investor

The sophisticated investor in this day and age has many things to consider. As the spokesperson on “the business channel” and on channel 9 news with Alan Medelson, I have been asked about all types of business and investment situations. As of recent times, business is changing in way people do research and quickness markets react to business influences in different fields.

The Roles of Stock for Corporations

In the financial industry, stocks are provided by corporations to help finance their business. Stock can only be issued to corporations so it isn’t an issue for smaller businesses or individuals.

More Penny Stock Investment Strategies

It is often a difficult proposition for any investor to identify and buy penny stocks that offer the prospects of good returns. Often you cannot use conventional methods of identifying promising stocks because there is little information that is available and there are very few analysts who bother to follow these stocks.

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