Stock Market Outlook and Opportunities Part 4 of 4 (Global Growth Trends)

What Are Stocks and Bonds?

Since 1926, the average large stock has returned close to 10% a year. If you’re saving for retirement, that’s a pretty good deal — much better than U.S. savings bonds, or stashing cash under your mattress.

These Two Basic Economic Principles Can Greatly Improve Your Investing

Learning how to invest is more about learning economics then it is business, and that is what baffles many investors- they tend to think that investing is about business, when it really is much more fundamental. Investing is about economics first, and business second. So, in the first of a short series on how to invest we will look at different economic concepts that will help us gain an understanding of how the markets work and how to make money by investing.

Trading Essentials: Minimum Risk, Maximum Profit

The first thing you need to do for excellent trading money management, is to define your trading float. The next thing to do is decide on your maximum loss. This is the maximum amount of capital you’re willing to lose in any one trade. We need to do this before we even open a trade in order to obey one of the cardinal rules of trading which is keep your losses small.

What Is Technical Analysis?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for traders and investors to make money on the stock market? So many people consider it a gamble these days that it can be hard to believe that it’s actually possible to buy or sell the right stock at the right time.

Timing the Stock Market With Safety

Timing the stock market poorly can greatly reduce investment or trading performance, but there are precautions that you can take in order to reduce these instances. This article contains a brief overview of some of these precautions, which should see you improving your investment returns.

Risk Management Techniques

Learning how to use risk management techniques is vital for successful trading and investing. This will teach you the basics of each, and when they should be used.

Brazil Looks Like A Buying Opportunity Again

Brazil continues to impress as a country and economy. Having already experienced a bear market decline of 45% to its October low, and with a solid economy less dependent than most on exports, Brazil is less likely to affected by a recession in Europe.

Share Market Investing: The Essentials For Women Investors

According to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) women play an increasing role in share investment with 37% having owned shares. This is a significant growth from 1997 when 18% of women owned shares directly. In today’s market, women are slowly making their mark in share investment.

How to Make Money in Today’s Stock Market With Stock Trend Software

Making money in the stock market is a wonderful way to realize your financial independence. There are some methods of doing just that which are more effective than others, so in this article I’ll talk about a relatively new method which millions of traders around the world are embracing to realize their financial independence from the stock market.

Simple Tips on Investing in Stock

Over a period of time, if you to invest a tiny portion of income monthly, you really could set yourself up financially. If you invest your money intelligently in time you could easily send your son or daughter to the best schools, build your emergency fund, and retire comfortably. With that said, you must be somewhat knowledgeable about investments that you make or you will end up losing your tail. Most investors follow a similar investment strategies and rules.

Stock Trading and Investments (For the Beginner)

Stock trading and investment is a topic that would interest all people who desire to improve their financial condition. However, like in everything else, it’s best to start with the basics. When we started learning how to read, we started with a-b-c. When we begun studying about math, we started with 1-2-3, so with should also do this regarding Stock Trading and Investment. We should also start with the essentials. We have to know the rudiments about the stock market and investment prior to joining the lucrative game of investing.

Weekly Options – How and When To Use, And When To Avoid

The author, a conservative options specialist, explains how, when, why and where weekly options make sense if you are a risk-adverse, conservative investor. While standard MONTHLY options can be used for both one-way (directional) and credit spread (non-directional) trades in stock, ETF, or index options, the attractiveness of WEEKLY options varies dramatically depending on your objective. “Weeklies” offer potential benefits for certain directional trade “event” opportunities, but not necessarily for credit spread and Iron Condors used to generate monthly income.

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