Stock Market too High? Profit from the Correction!

Transfer Brokerage Accounts – How Easy Is It to Do?

If you are an online trader who might want to transfer brokerage accounts from one online broker to another, this article discusses the process for making your decision. If you have specific features that you are looking for in your new broker, you will have a better chance of choosing the best online broker for you.

Emerging Growth Stories

THE STOCK MARKET is passing through a corrective phase that is likely to lay the foundation for a rally in the months to come. This, despite the threat posed by the changing of trading system to completely cash market from July 2. While the shift to cash market system would surely create problems of liquidity and impact costs, small investors who make investments in upcoming sectors should find good returns over the medium term.

Introduction to Candlesticks

Many technical analysis patterns and trends are named after the shapes that they resemble when examined in chart form. Any introduction to candlesticks will tell you that these charts consist of open, low, high and also close values for certain stocks over certain time periods that eventually come to resemble candlesticks.

3 Tips to Get the Best Stock Picker Software

This makes this technology THE most reliable and effective, lowest risk way to invest in the market today available to traders of all backgrounds and levels and it’s been incredibly successful in the years since it became available to every day traders in the market. For all of this, I’ve put together this list of three things which I have been using for the past five years after exclusively relying on this technology for myself in that time.

Online Trading Language Simplified

Complex trading language can cause problems for those new to online trading or investing. This is part one of a three part series that seeks to simplify some commonly used terms and explain how they affect your trading.

The Differences Between Day Traders and Long Term Investors

The debate rages on between stock market investors, who all have opposing investing strategies, on the most efficient way, short term or long term, to invest in stock. Day traders and long term investors seem to never come into agreement primarily because of the extreme differences in the investment styles. Day traders are usually considered the mavericks of the trading arena, and they are recognized for taking on huge risks and seeing massive gains in short periods of time – sometimes buying and selling the exact same stock multiple times in a single day.

Share Dealing Account Platforms – What You Need to Know

If you’re considering entering the investment market and dealing in stocks and shares, there are various ways of going about it. Thanks to developments in technology, electronic trading is fast becoming the preferred method of trading stocks and shares.

Sir John Templeton’s 13 Rules for Investment Success

In 1993, Sir John Templeton wrote an article that first appeared in the magazine “World Monitor: The Christian Science Monitor Monthly”, entitled “16 Rules for Investment Success”. Here is Sir John’s list, with some commentary about each point and how it relates to what we are experiencing in the financial world today: 1. Invest for maximum total real return When Sir John says “real” return, two things come to mind: taxes and inflation.

Stock Markets Versus Natural Calamities

The recent series of disasters in Japan – a major earthquake, followed by a tsunami, and explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex – and its impact on the stock market came as a clarion call to reexamine the confusing nature of stocks in relation to natural disasters. Even as we witness wide scale aftermath suffering in all sectors, strategists predict a positive upward pick up phase in the stock markets very soon. This prediction is based on several researches and studies on investors’ reaction to previous natural disasters, which reveal very interesting trends that are consistent and puzzling.

6 Common Investing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

This article is about the most common mistakes that people make with their investment decisions, and how to avoid them. See if you can spot some of the things that you might be doing wrong, because it might save you lots of money and aggravation.

Profit and Loss Statement: A One Page Report Of the Company’s Performance

A quick glance on this financial report tells you if the company performed well as compared last year. It is a tool to guide investors on the profitability of the company.

Balance Sheet: Knowing If The Company You Invested In Is Okay

Knowing that the company you are investing is in good financial condition makes you confident. The balance sheet is the perfect source of information to determine the companies ability to go on business.

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