Understanding Options Trading and Risk

Even though options are some of the most used financial devices these days, they can be complicated and can be hugely high risk. On the flip side, option investing strategies have the potential to make investing safer. Options are probably the most flexible trading instruments out there and are also excellent and versatile tools that you can use as a stock investor to scale back risk and boost profits.

Public Shells, Reverse Mergers, And S-1 Filings

A direct S-1 filing also known as SEC S-1 registration statement has several advantages over a reverse merger with a trading public entity. For one, S-1 registration allows you to customize the structure of your company exactly as you want.

Investing In Stocks – How to Find What You Need

Good stocks to invest in is essential if you going to make a return on your investment. Isn’t that what it’s all about any way? The number of times in the past when I wanted to buy shares but I just didn’t know which where good and would make me money, and which ones would be bad and risk me losing money.

How To Trade Penny Stock For A Living

If you’re tired of your job with the demanding boss, horrible traffic commute, and stress trading penny stock is a great way to earn a living without the need for a traditional job. Penny stock trading has many benefits including: 1. Flexibility – You can work your life around trading instead of the other way around.

Stock Option Software: A Trader’s Virtual Assistant

It is no secret that the trading of stock options is an extremely risky business. Those individuals who do not have experience stand to lose a substantial amount of money, if they do not understand the process. Stock option software is a great tool that helps buyers and sellers make decisions in less time with less risk. Anyone who is involved in any way with the stock market can benefit from this type of software. Decisions can be made quickly and in real time, instead of losing valuable time completing manual calculations and research, only to find the situation has already changed out in the market. There are several various types of programs included in this software, and choosing a package is a matter of personal preference. Option analysis software helps traders make better decisions when purchasing options. It will actually evaluate an option, allowing the buyer to be more…

Having Problems With Your Trading? Are They Really What They Seem?

So you think you have problems in your trading? Is that really true? I saw Tom Today…

Stock Services Are Often Useless

There are dozens of stock services which promise huge returns. Many of them do not deliver and are useless to the investor. If someone finds one that works, he is fortunate.

Successful Stock Trading Requires Dumping Losers

Fear and greed cause people to lose money in the stock market. Investors often hold on to losing stocks and options until they are worthless rather than getting out while they are still ahead.

Why Over One Third of All Investors Use Stock Screener Software

Millions of traders around the world actively and regularly rely on stock screener software. These are programs which handle the entire analytical process on your behalf and deliver high probability stock picks right to you so that all that is left to do on your end is enact the trade. Besides the obvious of eliminating the learning curve completely, let’s take a look at the top three reasons for why stock screener software has become so successful amongst casual and avid traders alike.

Investments – Why Invest In Stocks?

Stocks are considered to be a good investment opportunity for several reasons. The key to remember is that stocks are not typically a fast turnaround for earning money.

Investments – Playing the Stock Market Game

While typically day trading and short term stock market trading are not sound long term investment options, they are investment options that many people do on a regular basis. The rate of liquid cash return on such investments is not typically a high rate, especially for those who are not major players on the floor of the NYSE. Major players are those with a high rate of expensive investments, diversified and constantly changing, such as day traders and their clients.

Trading the Earnings Announcement

There are many different ways to trade the large stock price change that often occurs after a company reports its earnings each quarter. This article briefly discusses how to use an options trading strategy known as a calendar spread to profit from a company’s earnings announcement without predicting the direction of the price movement.

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