Are Declining Oil Prices Predicting A Stock Market Decline?

Oil prices, the economy, and stock market move in very closely in tandem with each other. Is the 11% decline in oil prices over last two weeks predicting a stock market decline?

Technical Indicators That Helps Your Investments Grow

The world of the Stock Exchange can be a grueling arena with fierce competition between investors trying to double their money. In order for you to survive in these situations, you will need to study strategies that can give you that upper hand in increasing your own money. But, always keep in mind that with these types of investments, it will only go two ways: either losing your money or earning more!

How to Make Money in Penny Stocks

First a warning – I would sincerely advise you all against investing in penny stocks. One of the basic rules of buying stocks is to consider ‘value’; not ‘price’. But when the starting point itself is price, you are committing one of the fundamental investment mistakes. However, the gambling instinct in humans is very strong. So I decided to present five simple rules when investing in penny stocks. While these rules will not guarantee 100% success with penny stocks, they will at least improve your odds.

Cash Rich, Investment Idea Poor

Cash-rich, but no trading or investment ideas? Lots of ordinary individuals have spare cash with which they would be prepared to speculate if they could satisfy themselves that the risk/reward ratio of the Forex or stock investment was acceptable, but, more importantly, if they thought the playing field was level. By “a level playing field”, I mean a situation where they know as much information about the stock, Forex pair or commodity as is available in the wider market and they are not being sold something by someone with a vested interest.

Investor Relations 101

Investor relations involves the publication of information about a public company to increase its stock price and trading volume. The person who publishes this information is sometimes referred to as a “Stock Promoter”. Stock Promoters use a variety of media to publish information including spam email, internet and direct mail newsletters, stock websites and press releases.

Fiscal Cliff Investing – Strategies for Investment Protection

Our economy is in a precarious situation. If congress doesn’t reverse some of the laws that are set to take effect on January 1, 2013, the Congressional Budget Office predicts increased unemployment and a recession. How will this affect the stock market? What can you do to protect your retirement?

Latest News and Comparison Between Binary Options Brokers

This article is aimed to benefit the new traders to accomplish their goals in trading. Therefore, unique and matchless features of binary option brokers are stated, so that traders can perform effective analysis on the entire process of choosing an excellent binary options broker, and this way turn their business in a profitable trading.

Stock Buying Online

Once someone decides to start buying and selling stocks online it is very important to understand a few basic concepts of what you will need to know about stocks. Besides just reading this article, there are many other resources out there that we would recommend looking at such as other online resources, libraries, magazines and many more. Be sure that you are well informed in the stock market before you decide to invest your own money into buying stocks online.

Warren Buffett and a Durable Competitive Advantage

Warren Buffett repeatedly emphasizes that an investor must invest into a company that offers a durable competitive advantage. Any company that has a lasting competitive edge is likely to be able to maintain its profitability over a long period of time. Competitive advantage is meant to signify that the company must have a product or service line that is distinctively unique.

What Is a Bond’s Yield to Call?

Any investor that is looking forward to investment in bonds must have an understanding of the term yield to call. Some bonds are callable meaning that they can be redeemed before the maturity date by the issuer at a call price that is slightly higher than the par value of the bond. Normally, bonds are called five to ten years after the date of issue and these types of bonds are regarded as call protected meaning that they can be redeemed before the maturity date.

What Is the Most Profitable Options Strategy?

Have you ever wondered what is the most profitable options strategy? With more than 40 strategies available, some with incomprehensible names, how do you choose one that is relatively easy to understand, simple to implement, and provides you with consistent profits with a lower risk profile?

If You Like QE3 But The Stock Market Makes You Nervous – Buy Gold!

QE3 is underway and many are convinced that’s all that matters, that more stock market gains lie ahead. But conditions are quite different from when QE2 had such a positive effect in 2010. This time gold might be the better choice.

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