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How to Invest When Stocks Keep Breaking Down

After a bear market and before a bull market begins in earnest, stocks often break down shortly after beginning a positive move. They break down quickly even while the market is rising. It is hard to find stocks that match the progress of the general market. Here is what investors can do.

How to Make the First Million Dollars – Diversifying in the Stock Market

Ever ask yourself how could I possibly make a million dollars in the stock market? Or have you ever thought of possibly going beyond that question and asking yourself how can I make my first million? This may seem like a dream right now but if you want it and think you can do it then you can definitely make this dream come to be real. An idea is something that only needs action in order to become reality, we all hope for better futures and the only thing holding us back is action.

The ‘Banking Industry/Regulators’ Time-Bomb!

When Eisenhower left office in 1961 his parting message to the nation was to “Beware the Industrial/Military complex”. He warned that military contractors had become so chummy with Congress and the Pentagon that “the potential for a disastrous rise of misplaced power exists.” We now face a much more dangerous power grab that could melt down the entire financial system and economy if it isn’t soon brought under control.

The Benefits of Channeling or Rolling Stocks

Channeling stocks or rolling stocks are stocks that are repeatedly moving up and down between their support price and their resistance price. On any given day, there is usually less than one tenth of one percent of the total stocks that are currently trading in a channeling or rolling pattern.

Secured Online Trading

online trading is boon for investors as it has heralded a completely new genre of investors who are experts at trading online. However just by keeping a few precautions major hurdles and losses can minimized for the benefit of all concerned.

Options for Investors and Traders

In this article I discuss the differences between Investors and Traders and how options can work for both. Then I discuss a favorite weekly option strategy of mine.

Covered Options and Proper Investment Techniques

Covered calls are both the most popular and most conservative of all options-based strategies. The popularity comes because of the simplicity and the reliability to generate recurring monthly income.

4 Investment Rules That We All Know But Don’t Follow

We know that we should buy low and sell high. If we take a loss, we bought high and sold low. How did that happen? Was it a hot tip in the market or did we want to jump on the bandwagon and buy a rising star that turned into a falling star. Did we do our research and due diligence or just jump in? Greed is the culprit. We get greedy and ignore our rules.

Understand About Your Stock Trading System and Find Your Company for Stock Option Trading

If you are interested in doing business with your stock trading, you have to understand your stock trading system. You have many companies for your stock investment, which have been listed with international stock exchanges. Selecting the best companies is not as easy as you think and you need to have knowledge of your companies.

I Want to Buy Muni-Bonds For A Safe Haven – Are You Sure About That?

A few months ago, I was at Starbucks talking to someone about stocks and bonds, he and his wife had worked hard and were worried about the stock market. They wanted something much less risky. He liked the idea of the tax benefits of investing in municipal bonds and stated that he thought he wanted to purchase local muni-bonds for a safe haven.

Read Financial News To Earn More At Exchanges

It is amazing to know when the first Financial News paper in the world launched. There are many claimants, The Wall Street Journal founded by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser – all three were reporters – began publishing in July 8, 1889, is considered by many to be the first American paper that reported financial news as we know today.

How To Invest In The Stock Market With Little Money

Some people think that it takes a lot of money to start investing in the stock market. However, you can easily start a brokerage account for as little as $25.

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