Swing Trading the Stock Market Pullback Part 1 of 2

Strategies to Big Bucks in Penny Stock Trading

Stock Trading can be an easy art. Here’s how. Do these 5 things and you are sure to have learnt the skill for lifetime. This will enhance your own talent. The first few dollars always seems the hardest ones to earn in our life. As we keep on learning and growing we realise earning money is a technique.

Explaining Investing to Kids – Stock Spin-Offs

For my nephew’s 13th birthday, I transferred some shares of stock into a UTMA account for him under a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), and I’ve been using the investment as a teaching opportunity. Every time I get a statement or other correspondence about the investment, I forward it to him with a brief note explaining what it is and what it means to him and his investment. This article is my latest email to him about the spin-off notification we received. Others trying to teach children about investing might appreciate reading my correspondence, too.

Bearish Harami

Bearish Harami – Potential for Reversal – Before delving into the bearish harami itself, it’s important that you understand that larger family of stock charts that it comes from. Centuries ago, when the Japanese were first entering the world of rice securities, they developed a method for analyzing fluctuations in price that came to be known as the candlestick charts.

The Basic Specifications of Stock Options

For beginners, stock options markets can appear to be full of confusing financial decisions and transactions and hence it is always better to gather knowledge about certain basic specifications which play significant roles in this field. The article aims at providing the fundamental idea about the primary terminologies of stock options.

What Is the FTSE?

The FTSE pronounced “Footsie” is the term used to describe a share index of the 100 most highly capitalised UK companies listed by the London Stock exchange. It is was jointly owned by two companies, the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange who maintain the index under the independent FTSE group but the London Stock Exchange recently announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the 50 per cent stake in FTSE International Limited, from Pearson, that the London Stock Exchange Group does not already own. Following the transaction which is expected to…

Wow! The Economic Recovery Surprises Continue!

Friday’s jobs report continued the trend of improvement in the employment picture. It’s one more positive surprise of the three-year economic recovery.

Learn How to Use Moving Average Effectively to Make Your Trade Decision

Moving average is a simple but effective technical indicator that can help in your investment decision. You can use moving average on any type of trading – stocks, options, futures, FOREX. Learn how to use moving average to identify entry and exit points and make some profit.

The Stock Market and Stock Market News

A stock market or equity market is a public entity for the trading of company stock (shares) and derivatives at an agreed price. Stock market news analysis consists of the tracking, recording, analysis, and interpretation of the flux and change of the stock market. This article discusses the characteristic features of the stock market and stock market news.

Steps in Learning to Trade Options

The options market is a rapidly growing one which is opening up a whole world of possibilities especially for the small retail trader. Here is a guide on the stages to go through in order to learn and master options trading so that you too can benefit from this dynamic, growing market.

5 Puts Buying Ideas to Avert Disasters

Five simple ideas to keep your trades in the black. Apply these ideas to each and every trade and you will be on your way to becoming a professional trader that consistently makes money.

Selling Your Stock Without Filing a Registration Statement With the SEC

This month we’ll begin a series of articles on Private Placements: Selling Your Stock without Filing a Registration Statement with the SEC. If you are contemplating a GoPublicDirect transaction as opposed to a reverse merger with a public shell, this is important for two reasons: One: It gets you the necessary number of shareholders to obtain a Ticker Symbol. Two: It gives you the opportunity to raise funds prior to filing a registration statement on Form S-1 with the SEC.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Penny Stock Trading

Before going in depth about penny stock trading, it is vital to have knowledge about what a penny stock really is. Penny stocks, in simpler terms are low-priced stocks. According to the name, some may think that penny stocks cost just a single penny. However, this is hardly ever the case. Generally, a penny stock is any stock that is sold for $5 or less.

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