The Best Semiconductor Stocks to Invest in 2021 Part 2 of 2

Using Chart Patterns To Trade Stocks

Technical analysis is the art and science of using stock charts and other relevant data to determine price direction of an equity. While no analysis is perfect, it is possible to put the trading odds in your favor using technical analysis. An important aspect of technical analysis is spotting chart patterns.

Key Things That Every Stock Market Investor Should Know

Anybody who is new to the stock market have to have a good understanding of basic stock market principles. None the less,stock market newbies should really try to avoid learning too much information in a short period of time (Also known as information overload).

Medi-Trade Your Way To Success In Stock Trading!

I devised the word Medi-Trade using two words Meditation and Trading. A fruitful combination indeed! Let me begin with revealing a never-told fact for the benefit of my readers.

The Economy of Diversification in 2012

Diversification is the surest way that investors will stay away from the woes and surprises that this leap year has in store for us. Investors will have to seek exposure in a variety of asset classes like bonds, cash and stocks as well as an assortment of mutual fund categories in the asset classes.

Learn How To Make Money In Stocks

If you’ve been considering buying stocks and wondering how to make money in stocks then you will probably already know the most basic principle of investing. Buy low and sell high! This is how the money is made from trading stocks when you are investing. And then there is Warren Buffet’s #1 rule which is “never lose money”.

The Biggest Mistake That Stock Traders Make

Trading stocks can be a profitable way to either make a living or build up a retirement account. There is one factor that I believe is the biggest mistake a stock trader can make: failure to set a stop loss at the time the stock is purchased.

Automated Trading Systems – The Verdict!

Anything that we hear is automatic always makes us feel good. Right? But, why?

Stock Market Holidays

Stock market holidays are the days which the exchange markets are closed. Depending on which markets you are trading in, different holidays will apply.

How To Make Millions On The Stock Market

Making millions from the stock market takes time and money. It’s certainly not something that happens overnight but the average investor could possibly make a cool million bucks in 30 years starting with just $10,000 dollars.

10 Best Investment Books For 2012 – And Beyond

The last several years have been ones of uncertainty, economic shocks, and extreme market volatility. What’s more, many economists and financial markets experts warn that this environment is likely to continue for some time. It can be a frustrating and difficult environment to invest in for even the very best of wall-street’s traders and for your average retail investor, it can be an utter nightmare. It is with navigating this challenging environment in mind that we present below 10 great investment books for 2012, and beyond.

Why Investors Will “Like” the Facebook IPO

I expect Facebook to touch the upper range of its valuation expectations of $100b. I would not be surprised if the valuation touches $120b, and the company makes $10b+ in the offering.

Self-Discipline in Trading

Having self-discipline is having the ability to follow through on your plans and goals. Often times we get tugged in various directions and enticed by making choices that don’t help us along our path to our goals and fulfillment.

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