Which Penny Stock Alerts Are Worth My Time And Money?

You need to be able to ignore services that send penny stock alerts without good track records. This will save you a lot of frustration and money.

What Is the Best Stock Graphing Software?

Stock graphing software has been enabling first-time investors to trade like the pros in the stock market through high probability trading opportunities for a few years now. These programs scour the market looking for reliable trading opportunities and then notify the investor accordingly so that they can make the corresponding trading moves.

How to Triple Your Investments in the Short Term With Penny Stock Analysis Software

Penny stock analysis software has grown very popular amongst traders of all experience levels and backgrounds, particularly those who have never placed a trade in their lives before. This is technology which scours the market looking for high probability trading opportunities and notifies you of them accordingly once it finds something so that you can invest armed with the knowledge of exactly where and when to invest in what to expect in terms of appreciation so that you can react and plan accordingly.

Prepare For A Recession and Bear Market!

Brace yourself for a recession. Central banks around the world seem to be doing so, making little effort to prevent it this time around, resigned to letting the business cycle play out. Stock markets around the world also seem to be doing so.

Why Stock Trading Basics Are Important

Do you know what the basics of stock trading are? The first thing you need to understand is that…

Averages? Nobody Gets the Average

Regardless of education or life experience, most of us do not truly understand mathematics as applied in our daily lives. And there is no better example of this phenomenon than with our investments. I would even dare to claim that most stock brokers and advisors don’t truly understand the concept of averages when applied to their portfolios.

Why You Need Stocks

During the market crash of 2008-9, many investors swore off stocks for good. So disillusioned were they at losing 30-40% of their portfolio that they sold everything at a loss and vowed “never again.” In retrospect, they look pretty foolish. Although the stock market hasn’t regained its all-time highs, those who bought in over a period of years are probably ahead of the game. They certainly haven’t lost 40%.

The Best Investment Advice of All Time

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets.” –Baron Rothschild. Everyone thinks they know this one. The greatest investors follow a number of different systems, but their underlying principles tend to be similar and surprisingly simple. Here is what you can learn from their advice:

When Is A Good Time To Sell Your Stocks?

When the market shows signs of volatility, you should be thinking about selling some of your stocks and hedging your portfolio against different possible realistic outcomes. This article expands on this issue and describes the concept of hedging as a risk reduction strategy.

How to Invest in Stocks – A Beginner’s Guide

You might have heard that people get rich in a day or lose everything in stocks. Everyone wants to be rich and thinks of investing in stocks to earn money fast. The most important thing is to ask ourselves how much do we know about investing in right stocks. Before taking any decision you should be aware about the basics of stock market and their modus operandi.

How Online Stock Trading Software Can Help You Avoid Stock Market Losses

As with any other time that you are shopping, being a smart shopper is very important when deciding upon an online stock trading software. Read to find out why using online stock trading software would be to your advantage and why you should not rely solely on the information that you receive from trading software. Find out how to arm yourself with an arsenal of tools that will set you on the right path in your stock market endeavors.

Dividend Stocks – Invest Like an Owner, Not Like a Speculator

Avoid being a speculator who thinks he is investing but actually is playing the stock market and hoping he will be lucky to earn quick gains. Become an investor who analyzes companies before investing because he wants to become a long term owner of the company so he can achieve financial freedom from dividends he receives and reinvesting the dividends.

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