Will the Stock Market Bull Run Continue into 2021? Part 1 of 2

A Brief Guide to Stocks and Shares

Many people are interested in investing in the stock market but do not know all the complexities surrounding it. This guide provides an overview of how it works and what the investor is buying into.

Dividend Stocks – 3 Secrets to Profitable Stock Investing

Stock investing is a very simple process and investors have different approaches. It is important to follow a system to maximize the potential of passive income from dividends as well as minimize your risk. This article helps you to understand and gives you insights for selecting the right companies to invest in for dividends passive income.

The Wall of Worry Is Still There But Not As Foreboding!

In my last column I made the statement that if only we could ignore Europe, global economic fears would not be so ominous since there were indications the U.S. economic slowdown had bottomed and a nascent recovery might be underway. We’ve now received more evidence of the latter.

The Basics of ETF Investing

ETFs are a new on the investment scene and growing in popularity. This is because of the unique advantages they offer that are attractive to many investors.

Introduction to Binary Options Types

Binary options also known as all or nothing options, digital options or Fixed returns options is a known trading instrument wherein a person can earn or gain fixed return on an investment through trading. Trading is mainly based on most of the time, logic however since people decide on whether a price goes up or down, your chances are most of the time fifty fifty. Binary options allow you to choose from two options, either up or down. When you say up, for instance the price of gasoline in the market; your anticipation is that the price of gasoline will go higher than what it is, if you choose down your anticipation is that the price will go down, most of this “predictions” can be set in to a time; meaning you can keep your option for an hour, a day or a month. If you are right on, you can earn sixty five to seventy percent of the amount of your investment in a “prediction” if the option you chose is wrong, then you can lose 85 percent or all of the amount you have invested and be refunded with 15 percent.

Is Now a Good Time To Invest in the Stock Market? Have We Turned the Corner?

So far, this is the best October in over 30 years! Does this mean that we have turned the corner? The markets reacted to good news in Europe where they seem to have come to an agreement as to how to solve the financial mess they find themselves in.

3 Reasons to Use Stock Selection Software

Once the program finds what it believes to be a high probability trading opportunity, it can notify users of this so that they can invest accordingly armed with the knowledge of exactly when and where to invest as well as what to expect in terms of appreciation. If you’ve been interested in getting into the stock market but have been wary of the risk associated with it or simply aren’t making the kind of money that you want, consider these three reasons to use stock selection software.

5 Ways To Improve Your Stock Market Results

Nothing is more important to your stock market results than the proper utilization of charts. Learn about this crucial skill, and other ways to improve your trading.

Why You Should Be Buying Dividend Paying Stocks Right Now

The recent sell off in the markets has given discerning value investors the opportunity to scoop up great dividend stocks at amazing prices. Many long-time dividend paying companies (Dividend Aristocrats, for example) have steadily increased their dividends for decades. These companies have stable businesses that are able to generate stable earnings streams in industries with high barriers to entry (imagine another Proctor & Gamble getting started these days). Buy owning these stocks, you’re able to own a piece of that stable income stream forever, which is increasingly valuable in markets like these.

How to Short Penny Stocks for Quick Profits

Learn how you can take advantage of Penny Stocks set to fall and make quick profits in the process. Choosing Penny Stocks which have been over promoted and are low quality can be highly profitable if you know what to do.

How to Make Money With Penny Stocks

It is possible to make money with Penny Stocks whether they are good or bad. In this article you will discover two Penny Stock Trading Strategies to make money no matter which stock you select.

How To Choose Great Penny Stocks For Tommorrow

Learn how to choose the Penny Stock winners of tomorrow. In this article you will learn about two great sectors to invest in.

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