Will the Stock Market Bull Run Continue into 2021? Part 2 of 2

Fundamental Analysis of Stock

Fundamental analysis of stock can be done by looking the company’s condition, whether it is a good company or not. Here are some criteria you need to check: The company is market leader in the industry. Market leader is one of company’s competitive advantages that differs them from other competitors.

Market Timing – Is It Time to Invest? Have You Missed the Run Up?

Are the markets preparing for another pullback? These are all questions that every investor faces every day. The answer is simple, 90% of it depends upon you and your investment time horizon and 10% has to do with the actual markets.

Stock Market Analysis – An Introduction

When it comes to trading stocks, it’s important to understand how to understand the principles of stock market analysis so you can decide which stocks to buy or sell for your portfolio, such as stocks belonging to the S&P 500, which contains some of the most popular stocks in the US from large businesses that trade on both of the US stock market exchanges. Without that knowledge, you could lose thousands of dollars and be totally lost in the system.

Five Things to Know About the Iron Condor Strategy

The Iron Condor Strategy has become quite popular recently, because it is a reliable means of growing your portfolio by 10% or more per month.  It is a strategy that does not require extensive and complicated technical analysis, nor will you need to spend hours in front of the computer.  At the same time, it is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy.

Penny Stock Egghead: Weekly Hot Stock Picks!

Learn what penny stocks are, where they trade, and how to invest with them with the help of Penny Stock Egghead. Discount or full service?… Do your own homework or pay for someone to do it for you? These are just a few of the ideas this article will cover.

Penny Stock Investments

This article provides valuable insight into penny stock investments and the risks that come with investing in them. Whether you are simply researching on penny stocks, have been investing in them for quite some time or are just about to, this is sure to be a useful and informative guide to the world of penny stocks.

Penny Stock Success Stories

Penny Stocks are generally referred to as stocks that trade for values less than $5.00, and belong to small public companies. Penny stock investments can result in meteoric rise in profit within a short period, if done with proper care and precision. However, the numerous penny stock success stories can be equally misleading because of its highly volatile nature. To sum up, it can be said that extreme caution is required to invest successfully in this highly uncertain investment vehicle.

Options Strategies 101 – Discover What Are Covered Calls?

Options strategies are not suited for everyone. And this fact is just because not everybody takes the time to fully understand the little secrets behind them. And even so, the amount of people losing money with options is huge.

Biggest Penny Stock Gainers

So you want to get out of your comfort zone and decide to get into the crazy but exciting life of the stock market. I know that your intention is to go after that money and get rich that is why you are willing to try and dip your feet to test the waters on buying and selling stocks, but are you aware of the fact that you can indeed enter in the world of stock market via penny stock market? Yes you can and with way less risk because each share would only costs less than $5!

The Anatomy of a Trader, Part 1 of 5: Brain Basics

Okay, investor nation, this is part one of a five part series focusing on how to elevate your investment game to the next level. The idea is to illuminate traits and skills that will assist you in becoming a more confident, successful investor. But before we sweat the details, I want you to ask yourself an honest question: How do you rate in terms of your investment literacy and skill set?

Stock Software Reviews – Penny Stock Edition

Despite the state of our economy, the stock market is still a great place to realize your financial independence. It’s actually one of better times to begin investing in our economy’s history because many stocks are at all-time low bottomed out prices and are ripe for the picking. A lot of traders rely on stock software to be able to differentiate between those which have bottomed out and those which will continue to drop so they can invest accordingly with that chart plotted out for them in advance.

Stock Market Timing Advice and Strategy

In the case of stock market investment, timing is crucial. The only real decision that exists for any profitable stock market investor is always to target for the perfect timing for most gains and less losses.

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